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Beginner's Guide to Medium in 75 Minutes

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Let me show you how to build your Medium following - by fixing your writing process first.

I'm Michael, an ex-Netflix engineering lead turned solopreneur.

Writing on Medium changed my life, and I'm convinced it can change yours. Some highlights in my 8 months writing on Medium include:

  • Growing from 0-12k followers with just 6 articles
  • Getting to my first 10k followers with just 3 articles in 4 months
  • Winning a writing award on Medium for "Best Story"
  • Three of my articles have over 5k+ claps
  • One article made it to the "Medium Staff's Top Picks"
  • One of my articles was published on Business Insider
  • Another article went viral on LinkedIn, amassing over 1.2 million impressions and 4.2k likes
  • I've gotten paid speaking engagements from my writing on Medium
  • I grew my newsletter following from 0 to 2.6k subscribers in the same time.

Subscriber growth after creating a new account.

My articles all get high engagement

Me at a virtual ceremony where I won a "Best Story" award on Medium.

I was invited to a paid speaking engagement by the CEO of Apex Fintech after reading one of my articles. July 2022.

Author profile in Business Insider.

One of my articles made it to the Medium Staff's Top Picks (only 140 stories have made this list).

The same story that made it to the Medium Staff's Pick also went viral on LinkedIn.

Newsletter growth from writing on Medium.

Let me show you everything I've learned from growing on the platform, and how YOU can grow yours.

The reason why writers struggle on Medium is due to their writing process.

For many writers, their writing process looks like this:

  1. They do a braindump
  2. They write for 3 hours
  3. They hit publish.

I firmly believe that it's this process that explains why their writing doesn't catch on. Compare this for example with my process below:

Notice all the extra steps I have in my process, including:

  • optimizing headlines for clickability
  • asking for feedback
  • taking notes for months before writing the article
  • considering SEO + the right tags when I do my braindump
  • paying attention to visual appeal
  • editing for conciseness
  • outlining using "insight density"

This course is a deep-dive into my writing process and how you can apply it to your writing.

I truly believe if I can help you change your process to look more like mine, your writing will be stronger and your Medium following will naturally come as well.

The benefits of writing on Medium are too big to ignore.

They include:

  • getting your work in front of C-level executives
  • seeding your newsletter growth
  • invites to speaking engagements
  • helping you grow on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • creating a distribution channel for selling your products
  • driving coaching and consulting calls

In just 75 minutes, I will cover everything you need to know to start growing your following on Medium.

What You'll Get

You get:

  • the 1-hour Medium course in mp4 format
  • the slide-deck used in the presentation in PDF

Bonus content:

  • (for an extra $10) a written outline of my script for you to skim
  • (for an extra $150) my personal help in editing one of your Medium articles. This includes 3 rounds of feedback at the topic selection, outline, first draft phase.
    • This will happen asynchronously over DM's and email.



  • Welcome - 0:00
  • My Background - 0:11
  • Follower Count Growth - 0:50
  • Course Outline - 4:08

Chapter 1: How to Use Medium as a Platform

  • 2 Principles to Using Medium - 5:05
  • Your Primary Goal - 5:30
  • Writing is a Volume Game - 10:00

Chapter 2: Improve Your Writing Process

  • Chapter Overview - 15:34
  • Writer's Mentality - 16:07
    • Writing is an act of giving - 16:20
    • Speak to One Person - 19:17
  • Recommendation Starting Out - 21:00
  • 5 Point Structure - 22:53
    • Intro - 23:56
    • Middle Paragraphs - 27:18
    • Conclusion - 29:55
  • Argument/Rebuttal Structure - 31:44
    • Intro - 33:23
    • Application - 33:55
    • Rebuttal - 34:30
  • My Writing Process - 36:12
  • Content Focal Points - 39:22
    • Headline + Preview Testing - 39:44
    • Topic Selection - 44:35
    • Asking for Feedback - 48:00
    • Editing for Conciseness - 51:10
    • Visual Appeal - 54:16
    • Hiring an Editor - 56:21
    • Distribution - 57:03
    • Note Taking - 59:47

Chapter 3: Medium Specific Settings

  • Tags - 1:02:03
  • Canonical Links - 1:03:45
  • Going Paid - 1:04:26
  • Publications - 1:05:12
  • Medium Curation Algorithm - 1:06:54

Total Run Time: 72 Minutes


Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! If you're not 100% satisfied, message me within 30 days of purchase, and you'll get a full refund.

Where can I contact you?

Find me on social media here.

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Beginner's Guide to Medium in 75 Minutes

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